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You asked, we listened! We are so excited to launch The Arqive - a place where #RQbabes get the opportunity to join our community of confident trendsetters.

At The Arqive, you get the opportunity to be the first to hear about our latest initiatives, first dibs on all product launches and promotions, build and share your very own collection that reflects your style, and the chance to be the face of our brand.

Sound intriguing? Tap in below to learn more about The Arqive.

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The Arqive Perks

  • We want trendsetters who are bold and confident - ready to shoot and share their latest RQ fits

  • Receive a generous discount on your first order as an Arqive member

  • Receive a lifetime discount on all your purchases with RQ

  • Earn 10% from every purchase made from your unique discount code

  • Get first dibs on all launches and sales

  • Build your very own collection to share with your community

  • Earn the opportunity to be a part of our campaign shoots

  • Participate in focus groups to help Reigning Queen evolve into becoming a brand you're proud of being a part of

  • Have the opportunity to earn other rewards and perks exclusive to The Arqive members

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The Arqive Babes

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