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At Reigning Queen, we are striving to put our best foot forward when it comes to the planet. We have found different ways to help minimize our carbon footprint - whether big or small, we're continuing our efforts to minimize our negative impact on the environment.

Some small steps Reigning Queen has made towards a greener planet include having all suppliers discontinue the use of single-use plastic and paper packaging. Our shipments arrive with the bare minimum packaging to help reduce unnecessary waste - this means our shipments come in a cardboard box sealed with some tape. That's it. Unlike traditional retailers, our clothes are not individually wrapped for easier unpacking and organization. Instead, our team at RQ spends extra time organizing each style upon arrival and ensuring the utmost care and quality.

In the future, we are no longer including paper invoices in each order, and are also looking to phase out our current polybags and replacing them with a compostable alternative.

RQ has also launched two new sustainability initiatives - a recycling program and a partnership with Cloverly. We encourage you to read further below to see how we are contributing to a better future.

Recycling Program



Collect three lightly used RQ pieces you are looking to re-home from any season or collection!



Contact our team for a free return label. All donations received back to our HQ will be donated to a local charity or families seeking help or refuge.



Once we receive your donation, we will email you a $40 gift card to use on your next order!

Partnership with Cloverly

We are so proud to be partnering with Cloverly to offset our carbon footprint when shipping orders! 

With every order placed, Reigning Queen donates a portion of the revenue to Cloverly.

How Does It Work?

With each donation, Cloverly uses the funds to fuel projects that contribute to the environment positively to offset the carbon footprint caused by your order. 

Some projects include:
- Toronto's Municipal Solid Waste Diversion
- Middlebury College
- Improved Forest Management 
- Project B6 Dairy Farm BioFactory
- McCloud River Conservation Based Forest Management Project

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